Introduction to machine learning


Practicals (2022-2023)

Exam (2022-2023)

  1. Data challenge (deadline Sunday 11/6/22): 4 points.

  2. Graded practical during the course (Tuesday 10/25/22): 4 points.

  3. Exam without documents (Friday 11/18/22): 12 points.

Instructions (2022-2023)

Data challenge

You should join the Can you predict the tide? challenge (and select the course SU - IAA 2022), which ends on Sunday November 6, 2022, and fill out this form before Sunday October 2, 2022.

Example of Python script.

Part of your final mark will be:

  1. your intermediate (10/16/22) and final (11/6/22) rankings (at least one submission is mandatory);

  2. your 2-page report describing:

  • the data preprocessing;

  • the model selection phase;

  • your final model along with its public and private scores;

  • the impediments you faced and your achievements.

Your report has to be uploaded on this remote repository by Sunday November 6, 2022.

Graded practical